Where memberships become friendships.

Membership in the Harvard Club comes with value—the chance to connect with others who share your passions and interests. Here, you can relax with cocktails after work, meet with a client over breakfast, or follow up a lively game of squash with one of our intellectually stimulating events.


Our members feel that the Harvard Club is an integral part of their daily lives. Maybe it’s the countless networking and social opportunities or the incredible dining options available all day long. But even more than these, it’s the camaraderie that exists here—an extraordinary, indefinable connection that turns a club into a home…and memberships into friendships.


We offer a wide range of benefits to our members, including exclusive dining, member lounge and co-working spaces, over 250 social events per year, athletic and squash facilities, a network of 150 reciprocal clubs, and spectacular venues for private events.


Welcome to the Harvard Club of Boston. To learn more about becoming a member, click here.